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About Cornelia Webb

Since launching in 2005, Stockholm-based jewellery brand Cornelia Webb has
established itself on the international luxury market. Cornelia Webb symbolizes
innovation and sensualism with the highest level of creativity and integrity.

The brand has gained widespread popularity among stylists and celebrities with
editorial coverage in magazines such as L’Officiel, Vogue, ELLE och Marie Claire.
In 2011, Cornelia Webb received the prestigious award Best Accessory Designer
by ELLE Sweden.

With her sculptural and avant-garde garments and accessories, Cornelia Webb
ccombines Scandinavian simplicity with a seductively raw aesthetic. Since designing
her first chain dress in 2006 she has been driven by the thought of literally dressing
the body in jewellery. Inspired by our natural shapes and anatomy, Cornelia Webb
plays with the definition of clothing versus jewellery and skin versus metal.
Her designs are not merely meant to accessorize an outfit, but to integrate with
the wearer and highlight the beauty of our bodies.

Cornelia Webb gives you jewellery outside the jewellery box.